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ESL ecosystem general benefits

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    Modern digital look n feel for traditopnal retail stores. Free up labor time on routine daily operatons.

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    Near real time price management for shelf tags, full autoimation flow a few times a day.

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    Positive in-store shopping experiece to build retailer’s reputation at the market while eliminate price mismatch between shelf tag and checkout.

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    Flexible price management, sales and promo campaigns with quick to market delivery pipeline, effective immediately.

Electronic shelf label management system does not require for a large initial investment into purchasing licenses and hardware.

Customer portfolio

  • Верный
  • Дикси
  • Магнит
  • Красный Яр
  • Лента
  • Винлаб
  • Hoff
  • Гулливер
  • Tele2
  • Находка
  • Visagehall

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